The below services are a snapshot of what we provide, not a complete list.  If you don't see the job you need, give us a call. An estimate of repair/custom work will be provided to customer before service is rendered. 
  • Clean/Oil/Inspect (Service includes complete strip, ultrasonic cleaning, inspect for wear or damage, written suggestions for needed service)

  • Barrel Threading

  • Cut and Crown Barrel

  • Detail Strip and Clean to remove Cosmoline

  • Make and Install Coil and V Springs

  • Cold Blue for spot repair

  • Remove Stuck Round from Chamber

  • Install Barrel Liner

  • Chamber & Fit Barrel to Reciever

  • Install Pre-Threaded and Chambered Barrel

  • Weld on New Bolt Handle

  • Install muzzle brake

  • Polish Chamber

  • Fit New Trigger

  • Trigger Job

  • Cut Front Serrations on Slide

  • Modify Frame for Beavertail Safety

  • Fit Grip Safety - No Frame Cut

  • Undercut Trigger Guard

  • Square Trigger Guard


  • Install Spring Kit

  • Cut Slide  for Bo-Mar Sight

  • Cut Slide for Novak Sight

  • Install Stake-on Front Sight

  • Flatten Slide Top & Serrate

  • Fit Thumb Safety

  • Install Ambidextrous Safety

  • Tighten Slide

  • Fit "Gunsmith" Barrel

  • Fit "Drop-in" Barrel

  • Fit and Install Barrel Bushing

  • Open and Flare Ejection Port

  • Throat, Polish Barrel and Feed Ramp

  • Smooth and Polish Breech Face

  • Action / Trigger Job - Smooth/Tune

    • Simple Blow Back Type

    • Striker Fired

    • External Hammer Fired Double Action

  • Sight Install

  • Adjust or install Magazine Catch

  • Adjust Magazine Feed lips
  • Install Compensator (Machine frame to contour, thread barrel, index, line ream)
  • Serrate Slide
  • Correct feeding problem

  • Replace Firing Pin & Test Fire

  • Correct Semi-Auto Headspace

  • Correct Headspace and Set Back Barrel

  • Remove Firing Pin Dent from Chamber

  • Straighten Mag Tube

  • Remove Dent from inner or outer tube

  • Fix Trigger Problem & Harden if Necessary

  • Correct ejecting problems

  • Dovetail for sights

  • Chamfer/Throat/Face Barrel

  • DA Revolver Action Job - Smooth/Tune

  • SA Revolver Action Job

  • Time Cylinder

  • Range Barrel to Cylinder

  • Straighten Crane

  • Drill & Tap for Scope

  • Install Colored Front Sight Insert

  • Straighten/Adjust Barrel

  • Time Cartridge Stops (Pump & Semi Auto)

  • Trigger Job (Pump & Semi Auto)

  • Correct Feeding Problems

  • Polish Chamber/Bore

  • Refit Break Barrel Hinge Pin Lug (Non-Engraved)

  • Replace/Adjust/Refit Break Barrel Locking Block

  • Install Barrel Bead

  • Install Recoil Pad

  • Install Adjustable Butt Plate

  • Install Sling Swivels

  • Glass Bedding Barrel & Action

  • Pillar Bed recievers

  • Free Float Barrel

  • Instal Recoil Reducer

  • Repair Broken Wrist

  • Bore Sight Gun

  • Drill & Tap Barrel/Reciever for Sights

  • Scope Mounting

  • Auto Pistol Sight install