SpecGrip is the latest innovation in non-slip grip technology that provides a permanent and comfortable rubber texture that can be applied to virtually any surface.   Under ideal conditions materials such as steel and polymer provide a suitable grip to get most tasks accomplished with relative ease.  Those ideal conditions are few and far between however, and are absolutely non-existent when it matters the most.  When a material is introduced to grease, oil, sweat, or blood it will become very slippery. With our proprietary blend of rubber and application procedure, you can now achieve a greater level of comfort, grip, and durability that has not been available until now.



SpecGrip is a rubber based product that can be applied to virtually any surface.  Firearm owners can now have the best grip possible without compromising on comfort.  Until now, in order to get a positive grip on a firearm, shooters have had to texture the grip to a sandpaper texture or use a slip-on rubber grip.  The sandpaper has proven to not only hurt the shooter's hands during use, but also the shooter's side during day-to-day carry, while a slip-on rubber grip adds significantly to the grip diameter.  With SpecGrip the shooter can comfortablay achieve a positive grip, and at .040" thick SpecGrip will not add an appreciable amount of thickness.



It does not matter how much customization is done to a firearm if the shooter does not have proper control.  Firearm manufacturers have continually searched for better ways to provide the shooter a non-slip grip.  When manufactures failed, others developed techniques to achieve better grip. Stippling, slip-on rubber grips, skateboard tape, and factory texture have all been used to address the problem.  The shooter has had to compromise between grip, appearance, and comfort when choosing a grip option.  SpecGrip provides the shooter the grip of an aggressive stipple job or new skateboard tape and the comfort of a slip-on rubber grip in an attractive rubber non-slip coating.


SpecGrip has been proven to provide the shooter the greatest grip possible after hundreds of rounds fired in very harsh conditions.  When applied, SpecGrip provides the shooter an attractive coating that will stand up to whatever abuse is given.   SpecGrip will stand up to the countless hours of holster wear, truck storage, or never-ending patrols.  Shooters can also perform modifications to firearm polymer frames like finger groove removal or add beavertail grips, then coat the modified portion with SpecGrip in order to hide seams or unseenly grinder marks.  SpecGrip can only be removed by grinding or cutting, but if for any reason the coating is cut off, SpecGrip can be re-textured to a like-new finish to ensure that  the shooter always has tha dependable grip texture.